About Our Company

Made in France - Fabriqué en France

Our family company and the Gaiter Pods Trail & Mountain Running Gaiters Brand was born in Vermont, USA. Now based in France, our Gaiters are growing up in the beautiful French Alps, where trail & mountain running and hiking are practically a way of life.

Our Story...

Julie, our company founder and owner, and mother to four children (now three teens and one tween) decided after years of homeschooling, roadschooling, and world schooling and traveling the world with her children in tow, often to trail races and hiking adventures, that she was going to hatch a plan to move her children and her trail running gaiters start-up to the mountains. To the Alps, specifically, in one of her favorite and personally meaningful destinations, France.

Julie grew up running high school cross-country team and dabbling in 5Ks and half-marathons before having children. After having her four children she turned to trail running and has competed in ultramarathons. She is also a certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor. Julie's husband is an accomplished ultramarathoner. Her oldest two children are decorated trail racers, and her youngest two have trail running and racing accomplishments to call their own. Julie has hiked some epic long-distance hiking routes with her family, including the Camino de Santiago, Saint Cuthbert's Way, and the Tour du Mont Blanc. 

If you're visiting the French Alps and need running or hiking suggestions, look us up! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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Our Gaiters...

Our Trail Running Gaiters are proudly Made in France. Our gaiters are sewn in small workshops by talented artisans who take pride in manufacturing high quality French sportswear and goods. For our other products, we strive to sell Made in France goods or use French or European suppliers, when possible.


Gaiter Pods France is committed to environmental responsibility. Our Gaiter Pods Trail & Mountain Running Gaiters are made of recycled fabrics produced in Europe with eco-conscious printing technique. Our goal is always zero/low waste of fabric, using scraps from our pattern cuts whenever possible to create secondary products, such as hair accessories and headbands. Our packaging is intentionally kept simple, using recycled and/or plant-based materials, and is recyclable or compostable.


own the trail. love your run. and love the planet.